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2016 Lifetime Achievement Award
Dick Enberg

Dick Enberg’s velvety voice has produced memories from Super Bowls, Olympics, Wimbledon, the World Series and the Masters. Press boxes around the world have been graced by his presence, but there’s only one place he plants his flag. 

“San Diego is my home,” the celebrated broadcaster said. “As I travel the world, if I’m wearing a jersey, I want S-A-N D-I-E-G-O spelled on its front. I’m so blessed and so proud to be a part of our great city and county.”

Enberg, 82, who retired last year, was selected for this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

“I have tremendous admiration for what the Hall of Champions provides to San Diego,” said Enberg, who worked for seven years as a Padres broadcaster. “It is truly a unique hall of fame, nationwide! To be honored among San Diego’s elite, young and old, amateur and professional, is a touching personal honor.”

Generations of listeners have embraced Enberg’s soothingarticulation. He not only shared event scores, but the compelling tales that accompanied each competition. 

Enberg shredded the label of being just a play-by-play announcer. Instead he became America’s storyteller, always at the ready with an anecdote told in his charming, classy manner.

Enberg’s reaction to being toasted by the Hall of Champions?

“Oh my,” he said. “All hail to San Diego sports.”