2007 fall sports, Olympians Genai Kerr and Brett Ormsby presented Breitbard All-CIF certificates at HOC


U.S. Men’s Water Polo team Olympians Genai Kerr and Brett Ormsby spoke and presented certificates to members of 2007 Breitbard All-CIF teams for fall sports on January 21 at the Hall of Champions. The Breitbard All-CIF teams have been the official All-CIF team of the San Diego Section since the section was formed in 1960. The All-CIF teams for the San Diego Section are selected under the auspices of the Hall of Champions. Kerr, a Coronado High alumnus, and Ormsby, a Valhalla High alumnus, were members of the 2004 Olympic team and the 2007 PanAm Games team that won the gold medal. Photos and video from the event are posted below. More photos will be posted soon.

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This event was also broadcast live on KBCsports.com where you can watch the event and order it on DVD.

48th annual Breitbard All-CIF teams
December 15, 2007

FOOTBALLSelected by media panel with input from coaches

Offensive Player of the Year – Armani Taylor, Oceanside

Defensive Player of the Year – Nick Milani, Poway

Coach of the Year – Damian Gonzalez, Poway


First team

Quarterbacks: Tyler Bernard, Valley Center, Jr.; Jordan Wynn, Oceanside, Jr.; Daniel Minamida, San Pasqual, Sr.

Running backs: Armani Taylor, Oceanside, Sr.; Lawrence Walker, Christian, Sr.

Wide receivers: James Johnson, Valley Center, Jr.; Nelson Rosario, El Camino, Sr.; D.J. Shields, Bonita Vista, Sr.

Tight end: Ryan Deehan, Poway, Sr.

Offensive linemen: Sam Brenner, Oceanside, Sr.; Sam Cervantes, Poway, Sr.; Colin Cummins, Bonita Vista, Sr.; Michael Dobbins, Mission Hills, Sr.; Brian Milholland, Helix, Sr.

Kicker: David Seawright, Rancho Bernardo, Sr.

Second team

Quarterbacks: Tanner Rust, El Capitan, Jr.; Nick Russell, Cathedral Catholic, Sr.

Running backs: Nick Ricciardulli, Poway, Jr; Rickey Seale, Escondido, So.; Jamie Dale, Steele Canyon, Sr.; Noah Jackson, Rancho Buena Vista, SrF.; Tyler Gaffney, Cathedral Catholic, Jr.

Wide receivers: Lamont Enyard, Oceanside, Sr.; Brian McMullen, Vista, Sr.; Tila Case, El Capitan, Sr.

Offensive linemen: Mike Harris, Mira Mesa, Sr.; Michael Hodges, San Pasqual, Sr.; Daniel Gilster, Valley Center, Sr.; Marc Aros, Point Loma, Sr.; Stephen Simpson, Carlsbad, Sr.


First team

Defensive linemen: Frank Gaines, Mission Hills, Sr.; Jamaar Jarrett, Mission Hills, Sr.; Eric Middleton, Oceanside, Sr.; Brad Woodward, Vista, Sr.

Linebackers: Ian Sluss, Rancho Buena Vista, Sr.; Joey Searson, Carlsbad, Sr.; Matt Segi, Oceanside, Sr.; Patrick Kelly, Christian, Sr.; Stedman Slaughter, La Costa Canyon, Sr.

Defensive backs: Josh Wade, Point Loma, Sr.; Nick Milani, Poway, Sr.; Frankie Zimmerman, Oceanside, Sr.; Jamar Taylor, Helix, Sr.; Taylor Julio, Chula Vista, Sr.; Tyler Hanks, Mission Hills, Sr.; Evan Taylor, Mission Bay, Sr.

Second team

Defensive linemen: Corey Page-Skolnik, Scripps Ranch, Sr.; Bobby Nelson, Poway, Sr.; Landon Turley, Granite Hills, Sr.; Isiah Forney, Mission Bay, Jr.; Zach Gholson, La Costa Canyon, Sr.

Linebackers: Jacob Driver, La Costa Canyon, Jr.; Drew Reilly, Valley Center, Sr.; Hal Hunter, Cathedral Catholic, Sr.; Anthony Larceval, Helix, Jr.; Tony Jefferson, Eastlake, So.; Mike Azhocar, Otay Ranch, Sr.

Defensive backs: Roy Tialavea, Oceanside, Sr.; Jared Relyea, Poway, Sr.; Nathan Turnwall, Mt. Carmel, Sr.; Vince Ewing, Carlsbad, Sr.; Tim Costello, Bishop’s, Sr.

Selected by top 20 times for all divisions

Athletes of the Year – Bret Hasvold, Fallbrook

Coach of the Year – Gary Stathas, Steele Canyon

First team

Bret Hasvold, Fallbrook, Sr., 16:00; Adrian Sherrod, Steele Canyon, Sr.; 16:08; Jacob Roach, Otay Ranch, So., 16:19; Parker Stinson, Rancho Bernardo, So.; 16:22; Kenneth Raedel, San Pasqual, Jr., 16:23; Dahir Mohamed, Hoover, Jr., 16:24; Jared Threw, Rancho Buena Vista, Sr., 16:27; Thomas Estrada, Rancho Buena Vista, Sr., 16:28; Valente Illalobos, Vista, Jr., 16:35; Brandon Velasquez, Otay Ranch, Sr. 16:36; Josh Smith, Fallbrook, Sr., 16:37; Samuel St. Laurent, El Camino, Jr., 16:40; Sean Proehl, Rancho Bernardo, Sr., 16:42; Chris Brewer, Rancho Buena Vista, Fr., 16:43; Derek Groom, Bonita Vista, Sr., 16:44; Andrew Hunter, Rancho Buena Vista, Sr, 16:45; Ben Enowitz, Coronado, Sr., 16:46; Andrew Ward, Torrey Pines, Fr., 16:48; Alfredo Rodriguez, Bonita Vista, So., 16:49; Dalton Souza, La Costa Canyon, So., 16:49.

Selected by top 20 times for all divisions

Athlete of the Year – Molly Grabill, Rancho Bernardo

Coach of the Year – Nathan Boyer, Mt. Carmel

First team

Molly Grabill, Rancho Bernardo, Fr., 16:02; Katy Andrews, La Costa Canyon, Sr.; 16:07; Megan Morgan, Torrey Pines, So.; 16:12; Sammy Silva, OLP, Jr.; 16:24; Elizabeth Apgar, Lincoln, Jr.; 16:25; Sheree Shea, University City, Jr., 16:26; Heather Zytkewicz, Rancho Buena Vista, Jr.; 16:33; Erin Gillingham, Torrey Pines, Jr.; 16:34; Alisia Barajas, Vista, Sr., 16:34; Alli Billmeyer, Torrey Pines, Fr., 16:39; Ana Prim, Torrey Pines, Sr.; 16:46; Caroline Draper, Rancho Bernardo, Jr.; 16:52; 10 Sofia Garcia, Bonita Vista, Fr., 16:55; Emily Birch, Escondido, Fr.; 16:56; Paige Rackley, La Costa Canyon, Sr.; 16:59; Kristin Parry, Fallbrook, Fr., 17:03; Kristen Moore, Carlsbad, Sr., 17:05; Alicia Trujillo, Westview, Jr., 17:05; Gabriella Black, Granite Hills, Sr., 17:08; Sarah Vitug, University City, Sr.; 17:08.

Selected by media panel with input from coaches

Player of the Year – Amy Webster, Scripps Ranch

Coach of the Year – Gail Malone, Santa Fe Christian

First team

Natalie Hagglund, La Costa Canyon, So.; Amy Webster, Scripps Ranch, Sr.; Kelly Reeves, Cathedral Catholic, So.; Katie Fuller, La Costa Canyon, Jr.; Tabitha Henken, Carlsbad, Sr.; Arianna Covington, Carlsbad, Sr.; Alyssa Naylor, Scripps Ranch, Sr.; Kelly Hansen, Mt. Carmel, Sr.; Kristin Miller, Santa Fe Christian, Jr.; Erin Lupfer, Westview, Sr.

Second team

Faith Steinwedell, Santa Fe Christian, Sr.; Lexi Williamson, Cathedral Catholic, Sr.; Ina Kamenova, Bishop’s, So.; Anne Carroll Ingersoll, Torrey Pines, Jr.; Malia Marquardt, Vista, Sr.; Kerra Schroeder, Torrey Pines, Jr.; Aimee Bird, Tri-City Christian, Sr.; Kendall Polan, La Costa Canyon, Sr.; Paige Hoffman, Cathedral Catholic, Sr.; Laurel Casey, Bishop’s, Sr.

Eight singles quarterfinalist and four doubles semifinalists from CIF finals

Player of the Year – Gaby DeSimone, Cathedral Catholic

Coach of the Year – Jim Valenzuela, Mt. Carmel

First team

Gaby DeSimone, Cathedral Catholic; Zoe Scandalis, San Pasqual; Remi Martin, Torrey Pines; Lacey Smyth, San Marcos; Sarah Weng, Rancho Bernardo; Hailey Johnson, Fallbrook; Maria Raygada, Eastlake; Karen Forman, Torrey Pines; Jessica Kwan, Torrey Pines; Mimi Hamling, Torrey Pines; Samantha Mohr, Poway; Isabella Tumini, Poway; Siana May, Torrey Pines; Joy Backer, Torrey Pines; Bella Genkina, Mt. Carmel; Sharon Reibstein, Mt. Carmel.

Selected by media panel with input from coaches

Player of the Year – Jimmy Friedrich, Carlsbad

Coach of the Year – Randy Burgess, Coronado

First team

Jacob Smith, Coronado, Sr.; Peter Sefton, La Jolla, Sr.; Kale Stiverson, Cathedral Catholic, Sr.; Sean Cook, Coronado, Sr.; Noah Orloff, La Jolla, Sr.; Jimmy Friedrich, Carlsbad, Sr.; Tommy Friedrich, Carlsbad, Jr.; Tommy Koning, Poway, Sr.; Chris Gwinn, Granite Hills, Sr.; Kyle Wertz, Westview, Sr.

Second team

Cameron Lew, Rancho Bernardo, Sr.; Travis Duncan, Vista, Jr.; Jeremy Atkinson, Granite Hills, Sr.; Diego Fabbri, Carlsbad, Sr.; Adam Child, Rancho Bernardo, Sr.; Zealan Hoover, Bishop’s, Sr.; Robbie Chapman, Bishop’s, Sr.; Justin Wolfe, Bishop’s, Jr.; Norbert Karoly, Coronado, Sr.; Berne Rogers, Cathedral Catholic, Jr.

Selected by media panel with input from coaches

Player of the Year – Lauren Greenwald, La Costa Canyon

Coach of the Year – Shannon Robinson, Cathedral Catholic

First team

Jackie Nguyen, Scripps Ranch, Sr.; Lauren Greenwald, La Costa Canyon, Sr.; Katelin Peterson, San Pasqual, Sr.; Joanna Adamski, Serra, Sr.; Deanna Kennedy, Scripps Ranch, Sr.; Alex Botte, Cathedral Catholic, Sr.; Eileen Seffron, Rancho Buena Vista, Sr.; Devon Holman, Fallbrook, Sr.; Tara Arolla, La Costa Canyon, Sr.; Malloroy Albini, San Pasqual, So.; Molly Cassidy, La Costa Canyon, Jr.

Second team

Linda Rassenti, Torrey Pines, Sr.; Ashley Kyle, Scripps Ranch, Sr., Jr.; Lindsay Matteson, Helix, Sr.; Erica Hernandez, Hilltop, Sr.; Ellre Ancheta, Westivew, Jr.; Krista Jackson, University City, Sr.; Kendra Jewell, Serra, Sr.; Emily McLaughlin, Serra, Jr.; Elizaberth Donahue, Poway, Sr.; Nicole St. Marie, Cathedral Catholic, Sr.; Amanda Ziegler, Westview, Sr.

Top 20 finishers at CIF finals

Player of the Year – Rachel Morris, Carlsbad

Coach of the Year – John Olive, Torrey Pines

First team

Rachel Morris, Carlsbad; Danielle Frasier, La Costa Canyon; Kaitlin Drolson, Torrey Pines; Sorelle Sedej, Poway; Taylor Doyle, La Jolla; Katie Sylvan, Francis Parker; Jamie Yam, Rancho Bernardo; Devon Brown, Cathedral Catholic; Brittany Mai, Poway; Christy Fogerty, Point Loma; Haseena Mohideen, Scripps Ranch; Jessica Howe, Poway; Sarah Baek, Torrey Pines; Taylor Crandall, West Hills; Blair Lewis, Francis Parker; Sarah Davis, La Costa Canyon; Nabeelah Mohideen, Scripps Ranch; Cora Busby, Torrey Pines; Claire Kinsey, Francis Parker; Georgiana Salant, La Costa Canyon.

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