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Breitbard Hall of Fame


The highest honor for any San Diego athlete is induction into the Breitbard Hall of Fame. The Breitbard Hall of Fame, established in 1953 by Robert Breitbard, honors athletes who have excelled athletically in San Diego or who are native San Diegans.  The Christopher Paluso designed Hall of Fame plaques recognize each of the more than 150 men and women who are amongst the greatest names in their respective sports.

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Gavy Cravath

Inducted in 1985, Clifford “Gavy” Cravath was the home run king of the “dead ball” era. Born in Escondido in 1885, “Cactus” joined the Boston Red Sox in 1908 and the Philadelphia Phillies in 1912-1920, managing the club for the last two years. He was the first San Diego County […]

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