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"You'd never know what Jacob's little body has been through unless you look at his scars"

Jacob was a normal, if not slightly chubby baby, so his parents had no cause for concern during his routine 4-month checkup. It wasn’t until the nurse practitioner conducted a physical abdomen exam that anyone noticed something was wrong. But there it was, a golf-ball sized lump almost protruding out of Jacob’s abdomen. A cat scan confirmed what doctors’ feared; Jacob was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma tumor, a type of cancer that forms in and around nerve cells.

Doctors initially attempted to remove the large mass during a grueling four hour surgery, but once its location was discovered, other treatment options were pursued. Jacob’s tumor was wrapped around his spinal cord, and any attempt at removal could paralyze the tiny child for life. Jacob started chemotherapy treatment in April of 2004, and suffered through the harsh chemical rounds every three weeks for seven months.

Thankfully, the treatment worked, and Jacob’s tumor shrunk significantly. A portion of the dangerous disease still remains inside Jacob’s body, and he goes for routine scans every year. While he currently has what doctors classify as “no evidence of disease”, the cancer could come back at any time. Jacob possibly faces a 10-11 hour surgery in the future in an attempt to shave off what is left of the tumor.

Today, Jacob is an energetic and talkative boy who loves music and the San Diego Chargers more than anything. He enjoys going to the games and watching his favorite players take the field. We can’t wait to grant his wish to see his favorite team in action! Pull on your football pads, Jacob, you’re off to see the Chargers! 

In addition to seeing the Chargers take on the Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium this Saturday, Dec. 14th, the Hall of Champions is excited to host Jacob and his family for a visit to San Diego's iconic sports museum to kick start their visit! 

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