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Sailing has long been a popular pastime and sport enjoyed by San Diegans. Blessed with a natural harbor, Pacific Ocean, Mission Bay and an exceptional climate, San Diego is the perfect playground for the sport. San Diegans have raised the sport to its highest levels by winning world championships, Olympic medals, the America’s Cup, and achieving global prominence in sail making, naval architecture, youth sailing, race management, and all aspects of the sport. The Hall of Champions’ new, state-of-the-art exhibit celebrates the sport of sailing and all that it means to San Diego. Junior and Star Boat sailing, early stages of the sport, Olympic and International success, and the science of the sport will all be featured.

Additionally, there will be an entire room dedicated to the America’s Cup, including models, half models, and important imagery and information about the oldest international sporting trophy in continuous competition. Video interactivity, including touch and laser panels, will be a prominent feature. Sailing highlights, historical videos, personal interviews, and other sailing footage will all be on display as guests experience three separate video panels. Finally, a fully-rigged, previously raced Star Class Boat is the centerpiece of the exhibit. It stands confidently in the middle of the room with its sails full, its keel and rudder fully exposed, at a slant so as to appear heeling through the water and without any wires or supporting braces. It is a majestic sight. The Star will also call attention to a fully-rigged sabot boat, built by legendary sabot builder and San Diegan Brian Thomas. Phase two construction of our sailing exhibit is now underway! We will make an announcement soon when it's complete, so stay tuned.