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Junior Seau

Junior Seau (1969-2012)

On behalf of the San Diego Hall of Champions our condolences go out to the Seau family. Junior had a tremendous impact in the San Diego sports community and he will always be remembered for his athletic accomplishments and community work.

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Sailing Exhibit

The San Diego Hall of Champions is excited to announce that it is installing a brand new, state of the art sailing exhibit.  The exhibit will feature interactive and educational components, a dedicated room showcasing America’s Cup history in San Diego with models and video highlights, and a star class sailboat will be on display.  Learn more about this exhibit.

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Brad Fowler Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1999 by Ron Fowler, founding Chairman of the San Diego International Sports Foundation, Brad Fowler Memorial Scholarship Fund offers a one-year, $5,000 scholarship to five high schoo