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Current Exhibits

Current Exhibits

The Gallery Wall
Built around cover photographs from Sports Illustrated Magazine, this show honors those athletes who made the leap from local to national fame. To date seventy-five Sports Illustrated covers featured thirty-five San Diegans. Bill Walton appeared on the cover fourteen times, Ted Williams seven times, and Billy Chtmer three times, to name only a few. Even with the expansive gallery on our lower level, we cannot show them all. While a plaque will list all thirty-five celebrities, thirty representational covers have been chosen for this particular exhibit. In addition, memorabilia from a featured athlete will be exhibited in a special case on the lower level. The featured athlete will be changed periodically, giving our guests an opportunity to view some of the Halls most interesting artifacts.

SaN dIEgo – gRouNd ZEro Presented by SoBe Beverages and John Lenore & Co.

San Diego Ground Zero takes a look at local contributions to the sports of surfing, skateboarding, street luge, beach volleyball, triathlon and disabled athletics. This exhibit focuses on the history of these sports in San Diego, as well as focusing on the careers of local participants. For all ages. Hours: 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. For more information contact the Hall at 619-234-2544.

Bird Watching – Tony Hawk in Flight

A true San Diego Legend, Tony Hawk has brought skateboarding into the mainstream of American sports. This exhibit showcases Hawk’s grace and athleticism through artifacts, video & photography.

Tony Hawk, a San Diego native and graduate of Torrey Pines High School is considered the greatest skater in the history of the sport. Tony is the winner of the more than 100 professional contests and has been the inventor of nearly 80 signature moves, including the 900, a mid-air 2_ somersault. He has been victorious at the X-Games, Gravity Games, Goodwill Games and other contests, too numerous to list.

Surfing in San Diego

The exhibit looks at surfing in San Diego from a historical viewpoint, detailing the surfers and board innovators that have shaped the local surf culture. The title sponsor for the exhibit is RT’s Longboard Grill; contributing sponsors include Hansen Surfboards,, and The California Surf Museum.

The display will feature a chronological pictorial history of San Diego surfers and their favorite local surf spots, as well as boards on display from local surfboard innovators such as Bob Simmons, Carl Ekstrom, Larry Gordon, Don Hansen, and Tim Bessell. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a historically accurate but scaled down version of the Windansea Shack. Guarding the Shack is a replica of Mike Dormer’s 60’s surfing icon statue Hot Curl , complete with a display of folklore about the mythical legend.

Other highlights of the exhibit include a detailed look at The Windansea Surf Club, and their impact not only on local surfing but also on the entire world of surfing beginning in the early 60’s. Several vintage surfboards will be on display from the heavy wood planks of the 30’s to the ultra lightweight aerodynamic boards of today. Other features include biographic pieces on local surf legends like Charlie Wright, Butch Van Artsdalen, Skip Frye, and Rob Machado. This will be a permanent addition to the Hall of Champions, with the boards on display being rotated periodically throughout the year based on availability.

The Hornet’s Nest

The new exhibit dedicated to San Diego’s Lincoln Prep, is an interim home to the school’s athletic hall of fame.  It features a number of historic Hornets, including the well-noted, such as Marcus Allen and Terrell Davis, but also the well-deserving who may have slipped from our recent recollection.

One such may be Lincoln alum Jackie Thompson. An Olympic sprinter while a prep in 1972, Jackie, in fact, never competed for the Hornets. Before the institution of Title IX, women’s athletics were not sanctioned by the CIF.  Jackie and other female athletes were forced to compete elsewhere – in Jackie’s case, the Olympics.  Take a more in-depth look at Thompson’s struggles and successes at the Hall of Champions.

The Hornet’s Nest, as the exhibit has been dubbed, also details Lincoln’s amazing NFL connection. Did you know that Lincoln has produced the second most NFL players in the entire nation?   Of those, Hornets have represented San Diego in all of the NFL’s greatest venues – the Pro Bowl, the Super Bowl, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Find out who, when, and where from colorful photos, videos and interviews.

Finally, the exhibit details the greatest athletes, coaches, heroes, teams, and moments from Lincoln’s athletic history. Please visit the Hall and find out for yourself just how much Lincoln has added to San Diego’s rich athletic legacy.

The Fencing Exhibit

The San Diego Hall of Champions opened a new exhibit in May detailing the history of fencing in San Diego. Visitors to the museum will learn of the basics of the Medieval sport, as well as the sport’s impressive San Diego roots. From its San Diego origins at the downtown YWCA to the recent proliferation of fencing clubs within the county, the sport has never failed to capture local interest. Discover the sport that requires the reflexes of a boxer, the legs of a high jumper and the concentration of a tournament chess player at the San Diego Hall of Champions Fencing Exhibit.

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